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Internet’s Missing Spec

Our Notification Spec translates to a consistent notification experience across web, mobile, email & other channels.

import { FloatingNotificationInbox } from '@magicbell/magicbell-react'
export function Notifications() {
return (
{(props) => <FloatingNotificationInbox height={350} {...props} />}

Out of the box
and fully customizable

  • All the Channels

    MagicBell supports in-app, web-push, mobile-push, and email out of the box. Deliver notifications to all the channels at once or smartly to the best channel.

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  • Smart Categories

    Categorizing notification delivery channels and templates. Enable your users to setup their notification preferences and avoid annoying them. You can even split the inbox by categories!

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  • Full control

    Leverage various notification APIs at full customizability. For example: Use overrides to send additional data to mobile-push on iOS but not on Android.

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  • Starting Point: The Inbox

    A complete notification system has multiple parts – email, push notifications, preference management, etc. However, the Inbox brings them together and gives your users full control.

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Let us prove that building a great notification system doesn’t have to take months.

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