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Add a MagicBell to your product and engage users with notifications that matter.

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Notify users wherever they are...




...and how they like.

Smart Delivery



Notifications made with love

  • Real-time

    Improve your user experience with smart notifications the moment they are needed.

  • Multi-channel

    Launch a cross-channel notification strategy in days - not months.

  • Seamless

    Sync up notifications across devices and tabs. Avoid notifying a user twice.

  • That’s just the starting point – there is so much more you can do with our SDKs and integrations.

    Make MagicBell your own

From Zero to Magic in an hour

Launch quickly without compromising on the design or developer experience of your team.

MagicBellvsDo it yourself

  • Customize the design

    Use our editor to customize the inbox with your brand colors and style guide.

    6 mins


    Spend weeks designing and coding up all the components - frames, templates, and buttons.

    2 weeks

  • Copy code

    Copy the code and add MagicBell to your product to get all the functionality!

    6 mins


    Code up all the functionality - infinite scroll, real-time updates, callbacks, etc.

    4 weeks

  • Send notifications

    Send notifications using our API or the Compose button in our dashboard.

    10 mins


    Build an interface to send announcements and product updates.

    6 weeks

Save time and money. Focus on your core features
and let us handle the notifications.

Wield powerful features at full control

The all-in-one notification inbox is quick to setup and easy to operate and scale.

  • Extensible API

    All it takes is one API call to create notifications. Get clear error messages or code and never guess your way around. We also offer SDKs for Ruby, Node, Go, and other languages.

    import requests
    headers = {
    'X-MAGICBELL-API-SECRET': 'your_api_secret',
    'X-MAGICBELL-API-KEY': 'your_api_key',
    data = {
    "notification": {
    "title": "Welcome to MagicBell",
    "content": "The notification inbox for your product. Get started in minutes.",
    "category": "new_message",
    "action_url": "",
    "recipients": [{
    "email": "your_email"
    "custom_attributes": {
    "order": {
    "id": "your_id",
    "title": "A title you can use in your templates"
    response ='', headers=headers, json=data)
  • Actionable analytics

    Our analytics let you get a birds-eye view of the performance of your notifications. Drill down into specific notifications and their performance.

  • No code

    Want to send some notifications to specific channels? We let you configure channels per category from our dashboard. No coding required!

    • Text

    • Email

    • Mobile push

    • Web push


Read more best practices

Browse our ever-expanding library of tutorials, guides, and best practices on building great notification experiences.


    B2B, B2C, SaaS, Gaming, NFT – our customers are as varied as the notifications they send.

    • Pitch

      Our team wasn't very thrilled about building the infrastructure for our in-app notifications. Instead, we wanted to focus on crafting the user experience of our notification center, and MagicBell enabled us to do so. With their React SDK, we quickly built a notification center that worked well and looked consistent with the rest of our product.

    • Blink

      MagicBell has already helped us scale. Without this system, it would have been impossible to handle everything. I can’t think of any other alternative we could have used.

    • Codescreen

      What’s so great about Magic Bell is that it’s lightweight and easy to integrate, and user documentation is clear.

    And so are the respected publications that mention us.

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    Let us prove that building a great notification system doesn’t have to take months.

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